Mayweather Allegedly Bets $8M On UK Over Wisconsin

Money Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather loves to gamble, but would he really wager close to $8 million on a final four game.

Vegas Gambling Steam is reporting that Money Mayweather is laying down $8 million large on the Kentucky Wildcats this weekend in the Final Four aganst Wisconsin.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio confirmed the rumor.

Again these are just reports and we won’t ever know unless Floyd shows us the receipt or his winning ticket.    It wouldn’t be the first time Mayweather dropped some cash on the Wildcats.

Floyd allegedly bet $1.5 million on the Cats two years ago when Anthony Davis and the crew cut the down.  Most alleged big money bets from Mayweather are false or made up by gambling sites.



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  • Is he betting with legal or illegal bookies?

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