Mayweather Wins $75K Betting On UConn (Photo)


Floyd Mayweather is known for allegedly making some huge bets on sports.

We reported last week that Mayweather allegedly bet $8 million on Kentucky in the Final Four.  I cautioned our readers to not believe the hype unless Floyd provided a ticket or a receipt.

Well according to For The Win, the pound-for-pound king won $75,000 on UConn’s victory over Kentucky for the National Title after dropping $47,ooo on the line.

Mayweather provided receipts as well.



2 thoughts on “Mayweather Wins $75K Betting On UConn (Photo)

  • I wonder how much Floyd bet on Kentucky…..I guess we’ll never know…….

  • This is the crappiest and dumbest sports site on the interwebs…No wonder your dumb articles, written at a 3rd grade level never have more than 3 comments.

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