Mike Williams Says Bucs Will Regret Trading Him

Mike Williams, Luck


“I’m going to go out and prove they made a mistake and this is a great decision for the Buffalo Bills,” Williams said.

When athletes are traded they feel the sense to show their former team, the mistake they made. Some rise to the occasion, others don’t but Mike Williams is determined to change his career around and make his hometown team, the Bills, a contender. Despite his troubles in Florida, he’s looking to returning home and growing from his past mistakes.

“It was kind of like trouble found me,” he said.

“Somewhere where I didn’t think trouble was at. It’s just how I adjust to it. I’m a person that always falls down, get(s) back up. I’m sure you guys know about my career. It’s, ‘Oh he’s down?’ I’m going to get back up. I’m going to keep on fighting. You’re always going to get the great Mike on the field.”

“Yes, I do think I need to grow up a little bit more,” Williams said. “I think with me having a son, I think it makes me realize things a little bit more and how important it is and what type of future I have for him and my family. There are a lot of people depending on me, so … I do have to grow up.”

At least he’s taking the steps in the right direction to recognize his mistakes and a conscious effort to turn it all around. A lot of athletes need the right people around them, its easy to fall into the wrong crowd. A new team and environment could be what the doctor ordered and a new Mike Williams hopefully emerges.