Mizzou’s Frank Haith Named Tulsa’s Next Head Coach


It appears the Frank Haith era at Tulsa has begun.

CBS Sports is reporting that Tulsa is willing to pay in excess of $1 million dollars for Haith and the offer was too good for him to pass up. The hire couldn’t come at a better time for Haith, who may have been on the hot seat at Mizzou, after missing the post-season and the dismissal of one of the teams best new transfers.

Haith just finished his third season at Missouri by missing the NCAA tournament with a team talented enough to make it, and Mizzou fans have undeniably turned on him because of underachieving on the court and problems off of the court — most recently the arrest and dismissal of Louisville transfer Zach Price.

Tulsa was in need of a head coach, and Haith was probably going to be in need of a job, as he most likely wouldn’t have been returning to Mizzou next year. According to TheBigLeague.com, there were many reasons for him not to.

The team performance has gone downhill, and by the end of last season, quite honestly, watching Missouri play was painful, like end of the Quin Snyder-era painful. The off-season has resulted in the loss of Earnest Ross, and both Jabari Brown and Jordan Clarkson declaring for the draft. As a result, no returning player averaged more than 6 points a game.

We will see if Haith can put this bitter ending behind him for a clean slate and a new beginning.