MLB to Name Reliever Awards After Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman


Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman are almost unanimously agreed upon as the greatest relievers in the history of baseball. Rivera and Hoffman currently sit at first and second all-time in career saves.

Major League Baseball seems to agree that the duo has set the bar for greatness at the reliever position, and according to CBS Sports, will soon be naming their new reliever award after both men.

Major League Baseball will add two big touches of class to its top reliever award, with sources saying it plans to rename the annual honor for the best reliever in each league after brilliant all-time bullpen greats Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman.

The award bearing the name of the iconic Rivera, whose saves were all earned for the New York Yankees, will go to the top reliever in the American League, with the award named for Hoffman, whose saves came mostly for the Padres but also the Brewers and Marlins, going to the top reliever in the National League.

Congratulations to both Rivera and Hoffman. They both changed the way baseball viewed the reliever position, and are more than deserving of this honor from MLB.