Muhammad Wilkerson: “I Want To Be A Jet For Life”


New York Jets

New York Jets stud defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson has made it clear that he’s one of most talented defenders in the NFL, and would like to be paid as such.

If Wilkerson had any leverage in the start of his contract negotiations with the Jets, he’s not trying to use it.   According to the New York Post, Wilkerson let his team and the rest of the league know he’d prefer to be a Jet for life.

“I told them at the end of the year last year that I want to be a Jet — a Jet for life,” Wilkerson said at a Play 60 appearance at the team’s headquarters. “I’m from the area [Linden, N.J.], I’m a local guy, so I would love to be here and finish my career here.”

Wilkerson also made it clear that he wouldn’t hold out if the Jets decided to not extend him this summer.

“That’s what I have an agent for,” Wilkerson said. “I’m not holding out. My agent is talking with Idzik, and that’s all I can say. I have nothing to do with that. I’m just going to let him take care of that. That’s his job. I’m just here to play ball.

“It is what it is. If [a long-term deal] happens, it happens. I don’t control what goes on upstairs.”


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