NAACP Changing Guidelines to Make Sure They Don’t Honor Racists

NAACP Awards

You would think, they would have had these guidelines in place the whole time, they are the NAACP for goodness sakes. But, you would be surprised or maybe you wouldn’t what a nice donation and some courtside seats will get you these days.

The NAACP was set to give Donald Sterling his 3rd award in the last 6 years. This was going to be a Lifetime Achievement award, which is ironic because anyone who has study Donald Sterling’s life knew he was a racist and bigot for many years.

After being publicly embarrassed the NAACP had this to say.

The NAACP tells TMZ Sports … the organization is revising its guidelines for selecting honorees in light of the Donald Sterling situation … saying the fact he was set to receive an NAACP award next month is “unfortunate.”

Now, a spokesperson for the national office tells TMZ Sports, “We are working on a new set of guidelines so there’s greater scrutiny on who’s selected for these awards.”

“We need to have a better vetting process.”

One thought on “NAACP Changing Guidelines to Make Sure They Don’t Honor Racists

  • This scandal is also a public relations disaster for the NAACP. Who is in charge of that organization? Who is responsible for giving Sterling two awards?

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