Nash Calls Magic Greatest Point Guard of All Time


With the Laker season officially in the toilet, there really isn’t much for current Lakers to discuss. Laker reporter Mike Truddell tried his best to stir up some good conversation when he interviewed Steve Nash about the “Art of Playing Point Guard.”

There were some nice tidbits in the story, including Nash naming who he believes is the greatest point guard to ever play the position.

Mike Trudell: Let me start here, Steve: who do you think is the greatest point guard of all time?

Steve Nash: I think Magic Johnson has to be the greatest point guard. My favorite was Isiah Thomas, because I knew I was never going to be Magic, so I always tried to emulate Isiah.

It shouldn’t surprise many that Nash believes the Magic Man is the best point guard of all-time, as most people share this opinion.

It’s a good thing Nash realized he was never going to be  6’9 point guard like Johnson, but he seems to have done well enough for himself at the position. So well in fact, that he definitely is in the conversation of top point guards in NBA history himself.