President Obama Calls Donald Sterling Ignorant


Barack Obama Host SportsCenter


You know the Donald Sterling racist comments have reached a particular level when the President is asked to comment on them. During a press conference in Malaysia, Barack Obama was asked about the Donald Sterling comments and had this to say:

 “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t have to do anything, you just let them talk.”

“I have confidence that NBA commissioner [Adam Silver] will address this,” Obama said. “Obviously, the NBA is a league that is beloved by fans all across the country. It’s got a lot of African-American players, steeped in African-America culture, and I suspect the NBA is concerned and going to be resolving this.”

Obama said the incident illustrates that more work remains to be done in the broader, long-running struggle for civil rights in the United States.

“The United States continues to wrestle with legacy of race and slavery and segregation. That’s still there,” he said. “We’ve made enormous strides, but you’re going to continue to see this percolate up … We have to continue denouncing it and teach our children differently.”

It’s interesting to me that the President, who has a pretty full plate of things to deal with can take a moment to comment but Mark Cuban can’t be bothered with it. On the other hand, the leader of the free world should probably not be getting questions on this. Credit to Obama for even answering the question, but I will assume this doesn’t register on his list of things to get involved with.

No pressure Adam.