Oscar Pistorius Allegedly Took Acting Lessons to Prep for Trial


Things couldn’t get worse than Oscar Pistorius unless the Olympian decided to do something to make the court of public opinion go crazy. That’s basically what appears to be happening as the New York Daily News is reporting that Pistorius took acting lessons to prepare for his testimony in his murder trial.

Jani Allan, a former columnist for the South African Sunday Times, claims her “close friend” — a famous South African actor — coached Pistorius for his appearance in the courtroom drama.

“I have it from a reliable source that you are taking acting lessons for your days in court,” Allan wrote in an open letter to Pistorius she posted on her blog.

“Your coach has an impossible task,” quipped Allan, 60, whom a 1987 Gallup poll deemed “the most admired person in South Africa.

If this is true, then Pistorius is only making himself look worse to the public. The bigger question is if this information will be admissible to the jury.