Pau Gasol Says Return to Lakers a ‘Possibility’


The past couple of seasons in Los Angeles have been rough for Laker big man Pau Gasol. The two-time Champion has spent the better part of three years in trade rumors, even being traded for a few hours in the aborted Chris Paul deal, without actually ever leaving the Lakers.

It’s not a surprise that Gasol has been in trade rumors as he is/was the Lakers only real asset on the trade market. Ultimately, Los Angeles was never able to get a package that pleased them in return for the Spaniard, and Gasol finished out his contract with the Lakers at the end of this season.

It’s been widely accepted that Gasol is likely leaving the team that he turned into an instant contender upon being acquired, and as possibly the most under-appreciated superstar of the last 5-6 years. But according to a post on Gasol’s official website, translated by Mark Medina of Inside Lakers, a return to the Lakers might not be out of the question.

Re-signing for the Lakers is a possibility, but I’m not sure whether to say it’s a remote one. If there’s anything or anyone who could make me stay it’s Kobe Bryant. I’d stay for him, but there’d have to be significant changes. I’ve said it many times: I want to be in a team that has a solid chance to win another tournament and where I can be an important factor in the game..

While Gasol says that he may stay with the team if Kobe Bryant pushes for him to do so, he also says there need to be significant changes to the team, which is no guarantee heading into this off-season.

It’s a long shot that Gasol will be back in L.A., it just seems like he needs a fresh start and the team needs to move on. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the summer plays out for both parties.