Paul George Wants to Try Guarding Jeff Teague


In game 1 between the Pacers and Hawks, Jeff Teague cooked the Pacers defense for 28 points. He also scored 25 on them during the regular season so they are looking for ways to stop him. Their star Paul George has the solution. He would like to try guarding him according to the AP:

All-Star Paul George acknowledged he’s likely to spend at least some time defending Hawks point guard Jeff Teague on Tuesday night

“I would love to, just to change it up a little bit and give him a different look,” George said after the Pacers practiced Sunday.

This strategy worked for the Heat when LeBron took the challenge of guarding Derrick Rose a couple years back. The only difference is, Rose is an MVP and Teague isn’t even the best player on his team. The Pacers have big issues right now but maybe this can help get them going in the right direction.