Phil & Melo Had Secret Meeting to Discuss Knicks


Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony met at a secret dinner meeting on Tuesday night allegedly to discuss the Knicks’ vacant coaching position and Melo’s future with the team. Anthony has already made it known that he is planning to test the free agency market, but Jackson has also countered by saying that he would like Melo to take a discount and stay with the Knicks organization.

In recent weeks, it has become apparent that Steve Kerr is the top choice for the next coach for the Knicks. It is also alleged that Jackson spoke to Melo about Kerr becoming the next head coach in an attempt to explain to Anthony why he felt Kerr would be the best person for the job. As far as Melo staying with the Knicks, Anthony suggested earlier this year that he is open to the idea of even taking lesser pay as long as the Knicks can attract other free agents that would get the team back on track.

The Bulls, Rockets, Clippers and Lakers are teams who are all expected to make a bid at Anthony. If Melo chooses to stay with the Knicks he can sign a max contract as high as 5 years $129 million. If he goes with another team, it would be a max of 4 years $95 million. Meanwhile Phil Jackson expressed his sentiments on what would happen if Anthony left for another team.

“I’m all about moving forward,” Jackson said. “Just deal with what is and move forward. If it’s in the cards, man are we fortunate. If it’s not in the cards, man are we fortunate. We’re going forward anyway.”

[h/t ESPN]