Phil Mushnick Says Donald Sterling Should Get a Pass Because He’s Old


Phil Mushnick aka the man who said wearing black uniforms means you are in a gang, aka the man who said the Brooklyn Nets should be called the Brooklyn Niggers because of Jay Z,  aka the man who wants to know why teenage gymnasts have small breasts aka the man who thinks all arabs should be shooting up college campuses, doesn’t see the big deal with Donald Sterling comments.


Longtime NBA followers, executives, employees and media know Clippers owner Donald Sterling as a moneyed fool. Not a terrible man, but a jerk with dough who likes to show off, pop off and, increasingly, think too late, if at all. He’s someone best — and easily — ignored, especially at 81.

Visit any assisted living facility. Or think of that aunt or uncle all of us have known and suffered with a wince because we knew they were off. And they come in all races.

Not everyone, at 81, should reasonably or humanely be held accountable for whatever ugly comments come out their mouths.

Of course, why should we hold a billion owner of NBA franchise accountable, he’s just an old man.

Stay Woke…