Phil Simms Says He’s Not Impressed By The QB’s In 2014 Draft



Phil Simms had pretty good talent as an NFL quarterback, and he’s performed even better as a CBS NFL analyst.

When asked to evaluate the 2014 quarterback class that’s set to be drafted, Simms didn’t pull any punches in clarifying that he’s not particularly impress with this draft class according to CBS Sports. 

Simms says he doesn’t see any of the QBs as sure-fire locks worthy of going in the first round nor does he see an elite NFL arm. When it comes to pro days, Simms said, “I expect a quarterback to really show off, his workout should look really good. … It should kind of look like Tiger Woods would on a driving range or Kobe Bryant alone in a gym shooting 3s.” When it doesn’t look like that, Simms has a problem with the passer. He added that the private workout is the only way to go and applauded Cleveland for working out QBs that way.

Seems harsh to me.



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