Police Believe There are More Alledged Darren Sharper Rape Victims

Darren Sharper Mugshot

There are currently eight women and five states who are accusing Darren Sharper of drugging them and then sexually assaulting them.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report did an extensive and frankly quite frightening report on Darren Sharper . One of the things that was included was that police believe there are more women out there who may have been drugged and raped by Sharper.

Two law enforcement officials who asked not to be identified—one in Arizona and one in Louisiana—believe in the possibility of more alleged Sharper victims who have declined to come forward.

Also, it appears that Sharper had a type of woman he sought out.

Few details about Sharper’s accusers have been made available by law enforcement. Yet police reports in Tempe show that at least some of the female complainants aren’t just similar in terms of their allegations—they are also similar in appearance: white, with long hair, in their early 20s or younger, thin build, standing approximately 5’6″ tall.

I encourage you to read Freeman’s entire article. It is a chilling account of what may have happened to these women. It is always innocent until proven guilty, but it certainly doesn’t look good for Sharper.

One thought on “Police Believe There are More Alledged Darren Sharper Rape Victims

  • You just never know man. That article was deep. This is why you don’t put people on a pedestal, I don’t care who they are. We’re all human and subject to despicable acts. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing at least that’s what he’s been painted to be in the court of public opinion based on the allegations. He’s still innocent until proven guilty or should I say not guilty until proven guilty because it’s getting to the point to where we can’t say innocent anymore. Let’s see how this plays out in court because people have actually walked for doing worse.

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