Popovich on Dirk: “He’s Arguably The Best Pure Shooter Ever”

Gregg Popovich gives Dirk praise

Dirk Nowitzki became 10th on the all-time scoring list after knocking down a 18-foot jumper against Utah on Tuesday. He passed hall of famer Oscar Robertson.

The 7-foot German has passed the likes of Jerry West, Reggie Miller, Kevin Garnett, Alex English, John Havlicek and Dominique Wilkins this year. It doesn’t stop there for Dirk, he has a realistic chance to surpass Shaquille O’Neal at 6th.

Gregg Popovich knows how great of a scorer is firsthand. He’s had to do battle against him and Dallas for years.

“Every since he got here from Day One when nobody knew he the heck he was except Nellie he’s done a lot of great things,’’ Popovich said after Thursday morning’s shootaround at American Airlines Center. “He started out a bit slow until he got used to the deal here, and then he became Dirk, a Hall of Fame player and somebody who’s arguably the best pure shooter we’ve ever seen.

“And he’s done it with class. He’s showed up every minute he’s available, he plays hard all the time, great teammate, he’s somebody special.’’

Ray Allen and Reggie Miller might have something to say about this, but Dirk is definitely in the discussion.