QB Guru: RG3 Looks ‘100 Percent Healthy’

NFL Washington Redskins vs Detroit Lions

The Washington Redskins have added some weapons to their offense, but it will be all for naught if Robert Griffin III can’t return to his rookie form.

Quarterback guru Terry Shea, who tutored Griffin prior to the 2012 scouting combine and NFL Draft, told USA Today that Griffin looks like his old self.   According to the former Rutgers head coach, “RG3 looks 100% healthy.”

“He looked 100% healthy,” Shea told USA TODAY Sports Friday. “I didn’t let up on him and, boy, he kept coming — and he reminded me of the old Robert Griffin that I knew coming out of Baylor for those eight-10 weeks we worked together in 2012.

“He could have very easily lost it given the year he had. I put him through a gantlet of drills. And Robert made all the throws, showing great skills. It sure appeared to me that he took that next step as a pocket passer.”

Griffin III reportedly has spent a good amount of time this offseason working with Pierre Garcon, and Santana Moss in Arizona as well.