Redskins Cheerleaders Selfie Parody Video


NFL cheerleaders sure do like their parody videos. The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders have done a couple nice ones and now the Redskins cheerleaders want in on the action.

Here is their parody of The Chainsmokers #WRCSelfie.


2 thoughts on “Redskins Cheerleaders Selfie Parody Video

  • I’m having trouble understanding why a site that has posted links to 50 articles about the disgusting words and behavior of Donald Sterling is the same site that promotes an NFL team with a slur as its name. OH THE IRONY.

    • they arnt promoting the redskins and as an native american i dont see the name as offensive infact im proud that my race even has an nfl team named after us to me being called an indian is worse than being called a redskin and no matter what yuo say about this site to me its a great site.

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