Report: Carmelo Asked Ex-Bulls Player “What Is It Like to Play for Thibs”

Carmelo Woodson

It seems pretty clear to me at least that if Carmelo leaves the Knicks it would be for the Bulls. It has made sense to me before the season and it still makes sense to me now.

It is a logical choice if he wants to go.

It isn’t a simple choice, but it comes down to believing that the Knicks can turn things around, the extra money and perks of being the main guy on a marquee franchise or going to another big market team for less money, but a better chance to win immediately.

Here is what the NY Post had to say about Carmelo’s Bulls inquires.

Carmelo Anthony recently approached a former Chicago Bulls player and asked a loaded question that should make Phil Jackson a little nervous.

“What is it like to play for Thibs?” Anthony said.

Anthony’s impromptu background check on Thibodeau could also be his idea of due diligence since the Bulls loom as an attractive option this summer for the free-agent-to-be.