Damian Lillard Signs 10-Year $100 Million Deal With adidas

Damian Lillard, Pablo Prigioni

Lillard hit some benchmarks to be able to opt out of his original deal with adidas, but before a bidding war could start, adidas re-signed him according to USA Today.

Damian Lillard’s banner year continued Monday, when the second-year Portland Trail Blazers point guard finalized a new shoe contract with Adidas that is believed to be among the most lucrative of any player in the NBA.

While the exact figures of the deal were not immediately known, a person with knowledge of the contract said it is smaller only than that of Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (reportedly $185 million over 13 years with Adidas) and the Miami Heat’s LeBron James (reportedly $20 million annually with Nike) among NBA players.

Curious how it works out, adidas gave Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose massive deals, but you don’t hear much about their brands in comparison to some of the other big name players.

According to ESPN, the deal could extend out to 10 years and be worth up to $100 Million.

We will see if Lillard is adidas’  savior.