Report: Donald Sterling Says Clippers “Not For Sale” (Video)

Don Sterling

Jim Gray appeared on Fox News just minutes before NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling for life.  Multiple reports have stated that Silver and the other NBA owners will have the leverage to force Sterling to part with the team.

Gray is reporting that Sterling made it clear that the Clippers weren’t up for sale and he had no interest in parting with the franchise he’s owned for over 30 years.

This definitely will be interesting.

H/T Fox News 

2 thoughts on “Report: Donald Sterling Says Clippers “Not For Sale” (Video)

  • This is just the beginning. If Sterling is still the owner when the next season starts in late October, what will Chris Paul and the rest of the players do?

  • We need to boycott this ignorant old bigot, who seems not to even know his own history. When people stop coming to the games and buying clippers products, the team will lose money and be devalued.

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