Report: Grant Hill Not Interested In Becoming Pistons GM


Wednesday we reported that former Duke and NBA great Grant Hill, was a candidate for the Detroit Pistons general manager job.  Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News is reporting that Hill has no interest in taking such a high ranking job this early after retirement.

Hill, though, has told people close to him he won’t consider a front-office position this close to retirement, but down the line when his children get older, he would consider it.

Hill retired in 2013 after playing 18-years in the NBA. Hill and his wife, Tamia, have two children. Hill currently is an analyst for NBA TV.

Hill’s lack of interest in the job might allow Pistons brass to actually evaluate GM’s with experience re-building teams from the ground up.  Hill has an astute basketball mind and is extremely intelligent, but this job may be to painstaking at such an early juncture post NBA.