Report: Sterling Didn’t Want To Pay J.J. Redick $7M Because He’s White


The revelations about Donald Sterling get more and more sensational by the minute.  According to Adrian Wojnarowksi of Yahoo Sports, Sterling almost vetoed the deal that brought J.J. Redick to the Clippers, because he didn’t believe that the white Reddick was worth $7 million a season.

Mostly, he’s never loved paying white players. In that way, he has an absolute plantation prism with which he sees players: He always preferred long, strong, physical players. To him, that’s a basketball player: Big, black and strong.

When Sterling became reluctant to honor Rivers’ sign-and-trade agreement for J.J. Redick, there was a belief race played a factor. As one league source said, “He thought it was too much to pay for a white player.”

Yes, Sterling didn’t want to so easily part with Eric Bledsoe, despite Rivers telling him they could never afford to pay Bledsoe in restricted free agency next summer. That was part of it, yes, but those who knew Sterling – who had history with him – believed largely that his disdain for paying $7 million per year for a white player caused him pause.

One thought on “Report: Sterling Didn’t Want To Pay J.J. Redick $7M Because He’s White

  • Sterling is a typical liberal LA elitist Obama voter. Now we get another glimpse of the bigoted elite and the stereotypes that prevail in their liberal plantation. Our society and popular culture are based on racist stereotypes because of these same liberals that run Hollywood.
    The liberal elite “Divide and Conquer” to stay in power. Cheers!

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