Reporter Says He Will Quit if Redskins Sign DeSean but Chickens Out

Chris Russell DeSean Jackson

People make crazy statements about what they will do if their team signs a guy they don’t like. Typically, it’s not a media member though. Chris Russell is a Redskins beat reporter for ESPN 980 and had this to say before Washington signed Jackson:

“Here’s one thing I feel good about. Listen, and I’ll say this on the radio. And [VP of Programming Chuck] Sapienza might get mad at me, but I’ll quit if the Redskins sign DeSean Jackson, OK?

“Listen, I will say this. I feel very confident in this, OK? Again, you will have to find somebody else to do this job. I’m done if DeSean Jackson is coming here. Done. Done like dinner.”

Done like dinner huh? Well we all know that they ended up signing Jackson and did Russell turn in his two weeks notice? Of course not and he wrote a piece about how DeSean needs to prove everyone wrong and how this will define the new Redskins staff tenure.

None of this makes sense to me though considering the grind of a beat reporter can be very dry and DeSean at least gives you something to talk about.