RG3 Wants Redskins Fans to Settle Down a Bit After DJax Signing

RG3 Undertaker

RG3 is right, games aren’t won because of free agent signings.

Ironically, the Eagles are the team that should understand that the best (remember the Dream Team), so RG3 wants Redskins fans to take it down a notch and let the new parts come together naturally.  Here is what he had to say courtesy of the Washington Post.

“It’s an exciting time to be a Redskins fan and a part of this team because of the firepower that we have,” he said. “Everyone needs to understand that we haven’t won anything yet, and these next few months will be about building those bonds and chemistry so that we can.”

RG3 says the city and team will rally behind DeSean.

“We are excited to have him join our team. Our team and this city will be there for him,” Griffin said. “I understand his drive and his competitiveness to win. Always doing it for his dad (an influential figure in Jackson’s life, and one who lost a battle with cancer in 2009), and now doing it for this city.”