Richard Schaefer Says He’s CEO of Golden Boy & Won’t Deal With Arum

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Oscar De La Hoya said anyone at Golden Boy who had a problem with Bob Arum and Top Rank , that was too bad because he planned on working with them in the future.

One small issue with that, the man the De La Hoya hired to run his company has a problem with that.

Here is what Richard Schaefer had to say to the LA Times.

“I’ve given Bob several opportunities, and a leopard never changes his spots,” Schaefer said. “With Oscar, it’s sort of like, one day he hates him, the next day he loves him, the next day he rips him, then he loves him again.

“Last I checked, I was CEO,” Schaefer said. “Unless Oscar wants to change that. … I’ve been running Golden Boy since the beginning. If he wants to change that, since he’s the majority shareholder, and decides he wants to fire me, I can’t stop that.”

Could De La Hoya then tell Schaefer to sit out of the negotiations and let a Golden Boy-Top Rank fight proceed?

“That’s not the way businesses work,” Schaefer said. “You hire someone to run your business, you let them run the business. You don’t tell your CEO to sit this one out. You either have them run your business or you don’t.”

As for De La Hoya’s push, Schaefer said, “I’m the CEO. What’s higher, the CEO or the president? He’s the president. It says in my contract I’m the CEO and I run the business.”

This is pretty clear cut, if Oscar wants control of the company that bears his name he has to fire Richard Schaefer.

Until then it appears it will be Schaefer who will be making the final decisions on anything that happens with Golden Boy.