Roach Admits Pacquiao to Blame for Original Mayweather Fight Not Happening


Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather

This is something that has been known within the boxing community for years. The original fight with Mayweather and Pacquiao was done. They had agreed on revenue splits, weights, venue, who walked out first and etc. I had booked a hotel and flight that is how sure I was it was a done deal

Only one issued remained and that was drug testing. Pacquiao had been knocking out fighters much bigger than him and Mayweather wanted blood testing.

Freddie Roach tells you what happened next.

“I think people will say why didn’t they fight each other, and blame both guys to be honest with you. Because the first negotiation we were against the blood test, and it was kinda our fault that the first time it didn’t work. Then it came to a point where we accepted that later on. I think it’s both guys.”

By the time Pacquiao got on board, Top Rank and Golden Boy were in a bitter feud, Mayweather had more leverage and five years later we are still stuck without a fight.

You can watch the whole video below.


  1. Sports reporters like Mike Wilbon and Skip Bayless still claim Mayweather ducked Pacquaio. They need our best athletes, but they will never respect our athletes. If you disagree with me, ask Hank Aaron!

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