Royce White Being Sued by Former Publicist for $70k



Royce White just cannot seem to catch a break. While most of his problems since being drafted 16th overall by the Houston Rockets back in 2012 have been self-inflicted, you can’t help but feel kind of sorry for the guy.

White’s latest issue relates to the publicist who says she was behind a the PR campaign attempting to save White’s fledgling NBA career.

China Myers is suing White for more than $70,000 in unpaid bills. Despite trying to help Royce fix his image and save his career, the former first-rounder refuses to pay his bills. TMZ reports that Myers is now taking White to court to settle their issues.

Myers is suing White — claiming she was hired back in 2012 when he was drafted by the Houston Rockets with a mission to strengthen his image and reputation.

Myers says her P.R. company went into overdrive to save his image — booking him on several TV shows and even getting HBO’s “Real Sports” to do a feature segment on his situation.

But despite her best efforts, Myers says White refused to pay his bills — $3,200-per-month — and now she’s going after him for 18 months of work … plus other related fees, totaling $73,153.25. 

White may have a good case against Myers, seeing as his PR work has done absolutely nothing to help his image. White has basically fallen completely out of the NBA after a failed stint on the Sacramento Kings.

Either way, Royce needs to get his life together. If he wants to make an NBA team he needs to focus on basketball and get the rest of this type of drama out of his life completely. Here’s hoping the kid eventually figures things out.