Rumor Pacers Player Had Sex With Teammate’s Wife Probably Untrue



You can never say with 100% certainty this didn’t happen, but I’ve been told with 97% certainty this didn’t happen.

Short version of the story is player that shall remain nameless, since I don’t think it is true, slept with one of his teammate’s wives. Once that happened it started to fracture the entire locker room. It should be notated that this has happened before in the world of sports (more often than you think), but in this particular case, it is highly unlikely.

What I am being told is happening is that a very salty young lady (connect the dots here) has been trying her best to embarrass one of the players on the Pacers (are you following along?) and has been floating these stories out there as a revenge plot.

In the end, the Pacers are a little dysfunctional but no one isn’t sleeping with anyone’s wife.


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