Russell Wilson Divorcing His Wife, Before Signing Contract Extension


This is surprising.

Sometimes when a couple has to deal with stardom and fame, things can get very difficult in the relationship. Here is the statement the Seahawks released on Wilson’s behalf.

“I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce,” Wilson said. “Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy. Ashton and I respectfully ask for prayers, understanding and privacy during this difficult time. Moving forward, I will have no further comment on this matter.”

The couple married in 2012.

We can’t confirm or deny Russell doing this because he has a big contract extension coming up and watched the Eddie Murphy “HALF” skit.

13 thoughts on “Russell Wilson Divorcing His Wife, Before Signing Contract Extension

  • Black men are the only group whenever they get a little fame and money who runs to white women or other light skinned ethnic groups. It looks like “becky” was never into him. It is a complex of inferiority,and slave mentality. These women are never interested in these ballers as human beings, only as the baller that can make them rich. Stop the mental slavery.

    • They dedicated a whole show to black women only interested in athletes money, i know you watch the Game. Go away with that bullshit.

      • I don’t watch the game. However, I do watch basketball wives, and love and hip hop. I do not excuse their behaviors. Seminole and Anthony knows that I am telling the truth about the complex of inferiority/slave mentality.

    • Jealous much? You focus on race is so petty. Perhaps you didn’t consider he has his own perception of what he likes. He’s not a mental slave. Your the mental slave, if you think that all black men should be with black women. That’s stupid, and quite frankly racist.

  • The 2nd embedded tweet says they were married in Jan. 2013. Then The last line of the article reads “The couple married in 2012.”

  • Marie Alice, what then do you do with the Evelyn Lozadas of this world…or the entire casts of the BBWs and the like….or the countless non-white groupies seeking to trap a baller with a pregnancy? I mean, i agree with you that for a lot of these black athletes, marrying white plays into a status/inferiority thing…but one can make an argument that, for the most part, most of the women who throw themselves into these ballers DO NOT give a shit about them to begin with.

  • Huge fan of his while at Wisconsin – has a lot of integrity. Lost faith in him after post “Fail Mary” Packer game comments and how he chose to handle the situation… BUT still was impressed with him EXCEPT for his wife. Even at Wisconsin – and watcher how she inserts herself in the draft footage – she always came off as a user and someone who took advantage of him all for her benefit. Glad there are no kids to add to their pain though.

  • By the size of that gaping mouth – I can’t imagine the problem was anything oral. Hmmmm. The mind wobbles. Or is it “boggles”? I’m sure Seattle will do all it can to assure itself that it’s Golden Boy is still pure and perfect. For now.

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