Ryan Clark & RG3 Wonder Why AJ’s Reality Show Not Critiqued Like RG3’s Logo

Tennessee v Alabama

To be fair, rational people thought Mark Schlereth’s take on RG3’s new logo was asinine, but I am going to use a phrase I haven’t used in a while.

“Mainstream Media Protection”

Some players have it, some players don’t. McCarron seems to have it. Think about all the stereotypes that are thrown at Johnny Manziel, but you rarely see any thrown at McCarron.

If Teddy Bridgewater had tattoos like this, what do you think people would say (we already know what they say about Colin Kaepernick)?

AJ McCarron Tats

This isn’t about McCarron, I couldn’t care less if he and his lady did 100 reality shows, it is about being fair. If you are going to give Manziel, RG3, Kap and others a hard time, you should give McCarron a hard time as well or vice versa. Be consistent in your trolling at least, don’t pick and choose. I can understand why it would be frustrating to someone like RG3. But, not to go all John Cena on you, he just needs to rise above the media hate, biases and hot take propoganda.


2 thoughts on “Ryan Clark & RG3 Wonder Why AJ’s Reality Show Not Critiqued Like RG3’s Logo

  • I wonder if McCarron will still receive mainstream media protection when he throws a few interception in the pre-season. Will the press criticize him or will they commit a Brett Musburger.

  • “McCarron is a thug!” (white guy voice)

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