Sam Stout Puts Ref in Chokehold After Being KO’d (Video)


KJ Noons vs Sam Stout was hardly thought of as a fight of the night candidate at yesterday’s ‘TUF’ Finale but it ended up being the best fight of the night.

It only took Noons 33 seconds Stout was funny enough but what occurred afterwards is what truly makes this video special. Stout wasn’t aware that the fight had ended and that he’d been knocked out, so he proceed to apply a chokehold on the referee that jumped in to stop the fight.

The ref should really be awarded a point for a great escape.  He slipped the choke and Stout stumbled backwards onto the mat. This might be the most bezare ending to a MMA match that I’ve seen.

Here’s the Video of the KO & Stout Chokehold: