Shaq To Charles Barkley: “You Kissed Dick In The Mouth” (Video)


No people, it’s not what you think.

For those of us who are true NBA lovers, we all remember when Charles Barkley and NBA referee Dick Bavetta kissed during the 2007 NBA All Star Weekend.


Well somehow that infamous kiss ame up on Inside The NBA following the Warriors loss to the Clippers.   Leave it up to Shaquille O’Neal to make the subject weird and uncomfortable.

 Shaq, asked Barkley, if “he’s ever kissed up to them (refs)”.

Barkley answered never, which prompted Shaq to respond, “you kissed Dick in the mouth”.

Dick Bavetta of course.

H/T The Big Lead

One thought on “Shaq To Charles Barkley: “You Kissed Dick In The Mouth” (Video)

  • Shaq has kissed men on camera before so why is he calling out Barkley? Combine that with the strange way players dress when they arrive to the arena. There is something very weird going on in the NBA.

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