Showtime Greenlights Documentary on Kobe’s Life And Career


Since entering the league in 1996, Kobe Bryant has long been one of the most interesting and controversial players in the NBA.

From team drama, to rape charges, to ridiculous rap videos, Bryant has constantly been a hot topic in all of sports.

With his career winding down, Showtime has decided now is the time to document and show the world what the Kobe Bryant experience really is. Variety reports that the network has given the greenlight to a documentary on Bryant’s life and career that will air this fall.

“We are thrilled that Kobe has given us this unprecedented access, which will allow our viewers to witness such a challenging period of time in the life of one of the NBA’s greatest players,” said Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President and General Manager.

The documentary will examine Bryant’s storied basketball career with the Lakers, detailing his mentorships, allies and rivalries that have helped shape his 18-year tenure in the NBA, in addition to his recent achilles heel surgery and current rehabilitation.

There is sure to be a lot of anticipation for this documentary. Love him or hate him, taking a look at what goes into becoming one of the greatest basketball players of all-time is something that sports fans everywhere will definitely not want to miss.