Spurs Owner on Sterling: ‘We need to be careful, don’t know context’

Peter Holt Spurs

Now that everyone knows about Donald Sterling’s racist comments, there are people around the NBA making statements. This somewhat vague one comes from Spurs Owner and CEO Peter Holt:

“I want to be very careful,” Holt said. “The league is doing its own investigation and I don’t want to jump the gun.

“I don’t know the context, but from what I’ve heard it sounds bad and it isn’t like this is the first go-around for him.”

Holt continued on to say that the focus should remain on the Clippers players and the great season they had, not the Owner. This is the time to focus on what Sterling said. Responding to this blatant racism swiftly is the only way to go right now.

Just like Holt said, this isn’t Sterling’s first go-around with this.