Sterling’s Mistress Won’t Talk To NBA Because Of Wife’s Groupie Lawsuit

V. Stiviano 3

Adam Silver says he wants to speak to Donald Sterling’s mistress to verify the audio is legit, well that isn’t going to happen according to TMZ.

A rep from the law office representing V. Stiviano tells TMZ … they heard NBA Commissioner Adam Silver state his intention to interview Stiviano, but that’s not going to happen right now. We’re told her lawyer, Mac Nehorey, will not allow her to answer questions about pending litigation against his client filed by Sterling’s estranged wife.

Shelly Sterling claims in her lawsuit Stiviano embezzled $1.8 million by scheming to get as much as she could from an old man — Donald Sterling. Stiviano claims everything she got was a gift.

Nehorey says her refusal to talk to the Commish has nothing to do with the audio tape … he believes taking to Silver would get in the way of her defense in the lawsuit.

I said on Twitter there is a scenario where the NBA won’t get cooperation and because of that Donald Sterling will just get a slap on the wrist. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


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  • Why? Get an analyst to look at the tape and determine whether he said it or not. Plus look at his overall history of racism. You don’t need her cooperation.

  • If it looks like a gold digger…acts like a gold digger….its a gold digger….

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