Swaggy P: I Deserve More Than $1.2 Mil, A Lot of Teams Will Chase Me


Swaggy P

I will look back on the Swaggy P year with the Lakers quite fondly in my old age.

I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about it. Here is what Swaggy had to say about his free agent options after the season and if he deserves more than the $1.2 million he is scheduled to make next year courtesy of  NBA.com’s Scott Howard-Cooper.

“Oh, no,” Young said. “Not at all. Most definitely. I deserve much more than that.”

And Swaggy P wants to have a lot of teams chasing him. “Yeah,” Young/P said. “He most definitely does. And I believe a lot will. That’s a solid answer right there.”

Swaggy will probably get more than $1.2 million, but the question begs how much more? I can only hope that he signs with a high profile team, so we can continue to get moments like the one in the photo above.

H/T Bleacher Report


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