Swaggy P Lived It Up at the Kings-Sharks Game (Video)

Swaggy P

Swaggy P has some free time on his hands, and what better way to spend an evening than by taking in the Kings-Sharks playoff game Tuesday night. Of course, being young and famous like Swaggy P means you get some extra perks not afforded the common man, such as your own personalized Kings jersey and luxury box seats.

Plus you get to sit on the Zamboni in said “Swaggy P” custom Kings jersey.

And finally you’re allowed to ride around on the Zamboni during intermission, thereby making the coolest job in an NHL arena somehow cooler with Swaggy P riding shotgun.

Sadly the Lakers guard/forward wasn’t a good luck charm for the Kings as they find themselves in a 3-0 hole after dropping the game 4-3 to the Sharks.

[H/T to FTW]