Tallest HS Basketball Player in the World Makes Bball Look Easy (Video)

Tallest High School Basketball Player Tacko Taco Tall

Say hello to 7-foot-4 high school junior basketball player Tacko “Taco” Fall from Liberty Christian Prep in Orlando, Florida. This young man makes basketball look too easy at the high school level. However, the guy only averages 5 rebounds a game, so there is potential there.

According to the [Orlando] Sentinel, he’s eating entire pizzas covered in chicken and hamburger to keep weight on his 250-pound frame. In that sense, he’s your typical teenager. In another sense, he’s larger than life. He stands 1 1/2 inches taller than current Oklahoma City center Hasheem Thabeet, the tallest current NBA player (although, D-League center Paul Sturgess stands 7-8). Fall, whose full name is Elhadji Serigne Tacko Diop Fall, reportedly has a 7-year-old brother who is already 5-9.- Yahoo Prep Rally