Texans Adding MMA Training to Off-Season Workouts


Off-season workouts just got a lot more interesting for the Houston Texans.

The Texans recently hired Craig Fitzgerald as their strength and conditioning coach, and things are definitely changing under his watch. According to ESPN, Fitzgerald has implemented an interesting wrinkle to his strength program; mixed martial arts.

And the most interesting change we heard about in the aftermath of those first workouts was the introduction of a different kind of strength plan. 

Mixed martial arts on Thursdays, quarterback T.J. Yates said.

“You can only lift the same weight and run the same runs so many times,” punter Shane Lechler said. “It’ll be nice to do something different.” 

As ESPN points out, MMA is nothing new to the NFL. Players have been using mixed martial arts to stay in shape during the off-season for years now. It is interesting to see a team implementing the program however.

We’ll see if the new strategy helps the Texans out when the NFL season finally kicks off.