Tyson Chandler: Somebody’s In Trouble If Knicks Make Playoffs

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I can appreciate Tyson Chandler’s confidence.

Say what you want about the New York Knicks dismal season, but the group as a whole has never wavered on their belief that they could make the playoffs and make some noise once they got in.

Knicks center Tyson Chandler has always believed in his teams playoffs chances and he has message for the No.1 see if his team does slide in.

Chandler told the New York Post that “somebody’s in trouble if the Knicks make the playoffs.”

“I always thought we’d really give our ourselves a shot of making the playoffs,’’ Chandler said late Monday after the Knicks finished their Western trip 3-2 after a 92-83 win in Utah. “I still believe if we get in there, somebody’s going to be in trouble.’’

2 thoughts on “Tyson Chandler: Somebody’s In Trouble If Knicks Make Playoffs

  • Yeah ok……action speaks louder than words and talk is cheap but if he needs to hype himself up then go for it….

  • If we make the playoffs. That’s retard! They were supposed to be one of the best teams in the NBA. And now they’re talking about if they make the playoffs. That’s embarrassing.

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