U.S. Soccer Unveils World Cup Away Kit—Fans Not Happy (Photos)

U.S. Soccer Unveils World Cup Away Kit

By Brian Bouhl

U.S. Soccer and Nike unveiled the 2014/15 USA Away Kit Tuesday and as expected fan reaction was overwhelmingly negative.

The kit, which features the new U.S. Soccer color way of royal blue and bright red, is being likened to Popsicle’s Firecracker and several other countries flags, namely Russia, the Netherlands, and France.

American soccer fans almost never like the kits Nike puts out right away—kits are always blasted the day of their release—but it has yet to affect sales. U.S. Soccer and Nike released the new home kit a month ago and received similar backlash, but soccer fans tend to want to identify with their current kits, no matter how ugly.

Nike also made the odd decision to provide images of various athletes wearing the jersey and holding the flag, which illustrated the pretty blatant color contrast.

Fans will probably still buy this one eventually, but nothing Nike makes will ever please the American soccer contingent.


US Away Jerseys Don't Match American FlagNote the color contrast between the blues and reds of the flag and jersey.


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 2.23.23 PM Russian Flag French Flag

Several fans’ reactions to the new USA Away Kits.

Fans Reactions to US Jerseys on Twitter

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