UGA Baseball Player Requests Country Music After DUI Arrest


It hasn’t been the best semester for the Georgia athletic department. There have been a string of players being arrested, and it’s not getting any better. TMZ reports that UGA baseball player Zach Sims is the latest casualty.

19-year old Sims was arrested for DUI over the weekend after cops said that his Ford Explorer was weaving erratically and ran into a curb. The officer who approached Sims’ truck said that he looked noticeably drunk and smelled of pure alcohol. After failing all field sobriety tests, Sims then blew a .212 on the breathalyzer.

Now DUI’s are no joking matter since Sims was putting himself and everyone else on the road in danger, but once transported to the police cruiser, Sims decided to request that police turn on the radio to a local country station. The cop reportedly obliged Sims’ request and said that Sims then proceeded to sing all the way to the police station where he was booked and eventually released.

Sims now becomes the 8th Georgia player to be arrested this semester, including 5 footballs, 1 basketball player and 1 golfer. Maybe it’s something in the water in Athens.