Vernon Davis Declined Dancing With The Stars


ABC’s Dancing With The Stars has been notorious for having either a current or former NFL player as part of its cast, but this year will be the exception according to NBC Sports. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson had already confirmed that he was asked to do the show and decided against it. Now 49ers TE Vernon Davis claims that he also told the show no.

“I got an offer to do Dancing With the Stars this year but couldn’t, even though it was a beautiful opportunity,” Davis told Robert Klemko of  “I have a feel for [the demands] now.  I know what could be too much for me.”

Another explanation for Davis’ refusal to do that show could also be his financial obligation to Fantex, who purchased 10% of any of Davis’ future earnings for $4 million. It’s amazing that someone would agree to this, but Davis did. One agent did tell NBC Sports that he discourages this clients from agreeing to this because of the risks and consequences associated with taking such a deal. Either way, Vernon Davis will not be doing this season of Dancing With The Stars, and so there for will be no former or current NFL player featured this season.