Vince Young on Playing in CFL: No Disrespect to Canada, But Not an Option


VY says if his playing days  in the NFL are over, he has a job at the University of Texas waiting for him. No one can ever take away what VY did for UT, so it is nice that they would take care of him in his time of need.  He will always be a legend in their eyes.

When he was asked why wouldn’t he want to play in the CFL as a way to bridge the gap back into the NFL here is what he had to say courtesy of Houston Chronicle.

Asked if there is any doubt he will play again in the NFL, Young said:

“You never know,” he said. “All I can do is my part and stay ready.”

Young said playing in the Canadian Football League has never been an option.

“No, not really,” Young said. “No disrespect to Canada, but it’s never been an option for me.”

Probably, should have left out the “no disrespect” part. VY says some teams are interested, but he didn’t disclosed which ones have contacted him.