Wayne Gretzky Selling Cali Mansion for $10.5 Mil (Photos)

Gretzky House For Sale

Since Wayne Gretzky  is “The Great One” is this considered “The Great House?”

I digress, Wayne Gretzky earned plenty of hat tricks during his playing days and he gets one off the ice this time with his purchase and flip of this Thousand Oaks, California house.

Gretzky and his wife bought the house in 2009 for $2.7 mil and put some good ole time and money into it. The main house has 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. It also comes with a huge pool house, swimming pool, and cabana area.

The Gretzky’s have now put the house on the market for $10.5 mil, which is roughly an $8 mil profit. Even if all of the renovations cost them $1 mil the Gretzky’s are making out with a nice profit.

The only question left is how many of you Dollarnaires want to go 1/150th of the way with us on the house?

Here’s a few pictures of the house and the pool area out back.

Gretzky House California Sale


Gretzky House Flip

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  • Even if you could afford to buy this mansion, the property taxes alone would set you back at least $15,000 dollars a year.

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