Woman Thinks She Met Arian Foster, Except it Wasn’t Him (Photo)

Arian Foster, Luck

First there was someone going around taking pictures with girls while pretending to be Dwight Howard, even though the dude looked nothing like Howard, and now we have another case of “mistaken identity,” after a woman tweeted out a picture of her with Texans RB Arian Foster, except that it wasn’t even Foster at all.

At least this guy looks a bit like Foster, unlike that Dwight impersonator, so it’s easy to see why the young lady mistook him for the NFLer. Since she tagged the real Foster in her initial tweet, Arian figured he’d better let her know that wasn’t actually him in the pic, for future reference of course.

Fellas, I understand you want to get close to the ladies, but there has to be a better way than this. Have a little pride in yourself, because with social media being the way it is, chances are you’re gonna get found out anyway.