Yankees Honor Mandela With Plaque In Monument Park

nelson mandela plaque


The Yankees had a Jackie Robinson Day for the ages.

The Yankees unveiled the plaque in honor of the late Nelson Mandela between their day-night double header on Wednesday. The plaque will reside in Monument Park in the stadium beside a myriad of Yankee icons from the past.

Mandela has a unique connection with the Yankees when he visited the old stadium in 1990, in what was his first trip outside of Africa after his release from prison, During that iconic trip Mandela put on a Yankee cap and jacket and proclaimed “You know who I am. I am a Yankee.”

The unveiling was set to coincide with Jackie Robinson Day but due to rain was pushed back a day. Zondwa Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson flew from South Africa to take part of the ceremony. The Yankees have always embraced their link with history and no better way to pay homage to that than by celebrating the legacy of Mandela and all he stood for.