10+ NFL Prospects Failed Drug Tests at Combine


With the NFL draft just days away, there isn’t good news for some of the top draft prospects. Earlier it was reported that Seantrel Henderson had tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine. New names have been added to that list, and some of the names are startling. Top prospects Timmy Jernigan and Zach Mettenberger have also been named as failing drug tests at the Combine. Jernigan was projected as a mid to late first rounder.

The report says that more than ten players actually failed, so the list doesn’t end with Jernigan and Mettenberger. It’s also stated that Florida State’s Telvin Smith and Christian Jones, along with LSU’s Anthony Johnson. The only agent that offered any type of explanation was Mettenberger’s.

Mettenberger’€™s agents Joe Linta and Seth Katz told FOX Sports that the diluted sample was caused by extra water his client was drinking on the advice of his doctor. Linta said Mettenberger had begun to suffer from cramping while rehabilitating from a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

Linta said he has spoken with NFL teams about the situation and provided medical documentation to Dr. Lawrence Brown, the league’€™s advisor for drugs of abuse, alcohol and HIV. The documentation also was provided to FOX Sports.

No formal comment from any of the other players’ agents is rather alarming. In addition, three coming from the national champion Seminoles isn’t a good sign either.

[h/t Fox Sports]